• Chain lubricating device, making the machine 10 times more durable than not lubricating.


  • Spray oil with air spraying device on the chain. Including nozzles and shelves.
  • Mechanism: supply oil by gravity.
  • Basically, the automatic lubricator is mainly used for conveyor being installed inside pit.
  • With hydraulic measuring tube, can adjust the amount of air and oil inside.
  • Can set spraying time.
  • Maximum piping distance: 15m.
  • Encourage to use oil with viscosity below #100
  • Due to the application of gravity supply mechanism, please install the lubricator overhead.

Main applications:

  • Supply oil to the conveyors being installed inside pit.

Standard specifications:

  • Diameter 440mm
  • Height 512mm (of oil tank)
  • The total height including the measuring tube is 866mm
  • Capacity: 20 liters
  • The ON/OFF switch is mounted on the control panel. There is an oil alarm light, the light goes on when the oil runs out.
  • Standard hose length: 2m from the body.
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