Designers and sales staff of Sankitech VN always go together surveying, capture ideas of customers and aspirations, then, synthesize into product specifications to design drawings accurately.

With more than 20 years of professional experiences and Japanese leading technology in the field of conveyors manufacturing, Sankitech VN always focus on training and developing the capacity of each designer so that we can best meet our customers requirements. Every designer of Sanktiech VN is enabled to learn and study at the parent company in Japan and return to develop their capacity at Sankitech VN.

To be able to exactly design an order without any omissions, Sankitech VN’s designers are also trained in machine installing to better understand the actual operation of the machine.

In addition, in every order, the design staff will work closely with the sales staff and the assembly responsible, discussing carefully, maintaining the product quality and ensuring the delivery schedule.

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