The sales division plays a role as a bridge between customers and supplier. Therefore, this is the division that we train and prepare full knowledge about the conveyor industry, transport divices to be able to accurately advise customers.

Not only that, Sankitech VN sales staff always focus on supporting customers, whether they are new ones or customers with completed orders.

After receiving requests from the customer, the sales division will discuss with superiors and arrange to come to the customer’s factory to survey the actual situation, make requests to the design division for preliminary design as well as advise and quote to customer. This is the basis for Sankitech VN to provide accurate transport devices for customers.

The sales division will monitor the order progress to report as well as communicate with customers during the manufacturing process so that customers can regard the order schedule in the most detailed way.

For advices on appropriate transport devices, please contact the Sankitech VN technical sales hotline number: 0964 194 669

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