• Belt type: steel/stainless steel slat belt
  • Box-shaped body
  • Body shape: F type, L type and Z type
  • Diễn giải mã hiệu



  • Chain #50 on both sides, using crossing steel slats
  • Heat-resistance, Oil-resistance and Chemical-resistance.
  • Safety device being installed in order to prevent torque and motor overload.

Main applications:

  • Thermal treatment industry
  • Punching and pressing stage - Connection between tools machine and robots

Standard specifications:

  • Power cord of 5m (3.2m for 15W or less) is included.
  • Maximum motor usage ambient temperature: 50°C
  • Paint color: Blue, gray, ivory or available as options

Special specifications:

  • Depending on the application and needs of customer, it is possible to use stainless steel slat belt or plastic wrapping steel slat belt.
  • The usual machine length is 3.5 ~ 20m (the driving part will be adjusted accordingly)
  • The transport weight can reach 300kgs

Optional products sold separately:

  • Standard shelf: 750mmH ~ 1000mmH tall, adjustable and inclinable, including casters
  • Changed speed specification (V)
  • To specify with V at the end of the model code. For example: SPPK-200-1.5V
  • Speed regulator
  • Type of slat belt
  • Guide bar of transport direction
  • Voltage and power of motor
  • Position of motor installation

Engineering drawing:

Model and specifications (mm):



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