Warranty period is 01 year for conveyors and transport devices. The warranty period is from the date of handover, installation and acceptance of the products.


Warranty conditions:

After the product handover and acceptance and within the warranty period, customers are advised by the sales staff and the person in charge of installation to operate the device in accordance with the manual. In case of performing periodic maintenance, if any problem arises, we will discuss about the cause as well as the handling plan so that customers can actively repair without affecting their manufacturing process.

For faults of equipment supplied by Sankitech VN cannot be repaired by customers themselves, we will repair them completely with free of charge at the customer’s factory. (this condition applies to domestic customers, for foreign customers, it will be agreed on separate warranty conditions by the 2 parties).


Conditions not covered by warranty:

During Sankitech VN’s devices warranty period, the following items are not eligible for warranty: 

  • Problems caused by customers that did not install and use the device according to technical instructions of Sankitech VN.
  • Do not operate properly the device according to instructions, inadequate maintenance management.
  • Change the product structure, self-renovate the device according to customers’ opinions without consulting Sankitech VN.
  • Arbitrarily repair the device, not conducted by Sankitech VN.
  • Incidents arising from illegal acts of 3rd party or natural disasters or disasters.
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